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Anonymous asked : I've always really liked South Park but it's only recently that I've gone back and watched season after season and I've gotten very attached to the Kyle and Stan and I wanted to let you know that your art bring me a lot of joy! I love your fluid style and your line work! I'm very impressed!

ahhh! thank you anon!! <3 this is really nice! 

Happy Birthday Arvy!!!! hope you&#8217;re having a wonderful birthday day &gt;w&lt;

Happy Birthday Arvy!!!! hope you’re having a wonderful birthday day >w<





miaoujones asked : If you're still doing the artist asks, how about #6? Also, I am a little in love with the 6-legged dogfish and want to write a story about him. <3

haha thanks! 



I actually do have an oc!!! 

his name is Sealman


head of a seal, body of a man. Born 1901, Sealman married young a before long he was the father of two children and living a stable life in South Carolina. As a businessman he took pride in his job until the stock markets crashed and he lost everything. For the first few years into the Great Depression Sealman  worked various odd jobs. But as most jobs were manual requiring work in the fields Sealman was at a lost as his seal head could not take the extended exposure to the sun. After many months of trying to provide his family he decided to move up north and look for work in the larger cities. However Sealman was rejected at every job offer, until he was hired for small desk job stamping envelops. years went by and it was not long after America began to find its footing in the economic struggle that Sealman received a letter regarding the state of his family; apparently Ms. Sealman found a new husband and has moved the children out west to begin a new life. Heartbroken Sealman quit his job and became homeless. Only a few weeks later was he picked up by a man who operated a prostitution ring. at first people were intrigued by Sealman but were ultimately too grossed out to have sex with him. Feeling like some zoo animal, Sealman left his pimp and joined the army. He was promptly shipped off to fight overseas. that’s pretty much were I’m with the Sealman story right now. 

I sometimes draw this six-legged dogfish


not much back story with this one. I just like them. 

lucya asked : 3 please!


I am currently silk painting. It is both fun and frustrating >3< 

Artist asks GO!
- 1: Take a picture of your workspace.
- 2: Show your pencilcase and what's inside.
- 3: Show a thing you last drew, no matter how small or a "doodle" it is.
- 4: Lineart or coloring?
- 5: Who/what inspires you?
- 6: Draw a same pic with your dominant and non-dominant hand.
- 7: Do you have any OCs?
- 8: Do you listen to music when you draw? Favorites?
- 9: Favorite thing to draw?
- 10: Least favorite thing to draw?
- 11: Draw a pic of yourself like how you look just now.
- 12: Any weird artist behaviour you admit doing?

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i thought you wrote “dean’s ass” on dean’s ass for a second

if I had done that, I would have drawn a better ass ;)


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I haven&#8217;t posted anything in over a month!!! Been super busy with school and work &gt;_&lt; have some melancholy Stan and Kyle to reflect my feelings on this matter.

I haven’t posted anything in over a month!!! Been super busy with school and work >_< have some melancholy Stan and Kyle to reflect my feelings on this matter.

Anonymous asked : WOW! that group photo was amazing. great job!! (and also... That watercolor-kyle... I'm speechless)

aw thank you so much anon! I’m glad you like it ^.^